Smith Thornton Advisors is a privately-owned wealth management company, offering investment products and services through the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.
For more than twenty-five years, our sole professional calling has been to care for the design, construction, and management of investment portfolios.  Now guiding our own firm, we are positioned to deliver the objective guidance and personalized service of an independent wealth management practice with access to the vast resources and capabilities of Wells Fargo, one of the world's largest financial services companies. 
We believe that independent thinking coupled with world-class resources creates a “Best of Both Worlds” solution.  We look forward to exploring it with you.


A Long-Term Perspective

We take the long-term view, both in our commitment to you and in our investment approach.  We want to design strategies and provide guidance that will be useful over your lifetime and those of future generations. 


A Conservative Investment Philosophy

Our clients are most often interested in preserving the real value of their wealth and the income that it produces.  Our approach is well suited to that objective.  Beginning with a thorough understanding of your needs and resources, our goal is to design an investment strategy that is tailored specifically for you to provide for your present and future financial needs.


A Balanced, Tax-Efficient Approach

Most of our clients have needs that require both income and growth.  They may require a current income, but also want to grow their principal in order to provide a higher level of income in the future.  All want careful consideration given to tax issues.  A balanced approach provides the opportunity to address several needs at the same time.


Income Now, or Later

A secure and adequate income is a crucial element in any investment plan.  Your income may come from employment or from savings.  You may want to protect its current value or to grow its future purchasing power.  You may need it for your own use, your children's use, or for the advancement of causes that are special to you.  In any case, our practice remains focused on the timeless truth that all investment strategies are ultimately judged by their ability to produce income.


Financial Architecture is our Framework

Financial Architecture is our application of sound investment principles and time-tested processes to the design, construction, and management of investment portfolios.  It is both art and science.  It requires thoughtful study and application of economic and financial theory, and also the exercise of sound judgment that is learned only from real-life experience.
















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FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals